The Pony and the Boat Comfort Kitchen

Comfort Food with a Twist

The Pony and the Boat Comfort Kitchen elevates comfort food by focusing on high-quality ingredients and scratch-made preparation with no shortcuts. With a passion for real, all-natural ingredients, we source local and regional seafood, antibiotic free chicken and pork, grass-fed beef, free range eggs and more. We bring creative flair to soul-nourishing comfort food favorites like chicken pot pie, fried chicken, fried oysters and shrimp, pot roast, slow-roasted meats, hand-carved turkey, falafel, cobblers and all our menu items and specials. Our entrée and two sides of your choice concept brings sides into the spotlight – crispy Brussels sprouts, twice-baked potatoes, cornbread, cole slaw, decadent mac and cheese and more are given as much focus and attention as the mains.

Our dinner menu offers something for everyone. Our bar offerings include craft cocktails, an extensive bourbon list, craft brews and carefully selected wines.